My first book was published in 2014. More to come!

Sharp-eyed tales about outsiders, non-conformists, and iconoclasts.

In my debut short-fiction collection Nothing Looks Familiar, characters from a wide swath of society chart paths from places of danger or unhappiness into the great unknown, each grappling with a central and sometimes unanswerable question: if you fight to change your circumstances, could it be possible to reconfigure your very identity? From bullied kids to meth-smoking mothers, characters in dire straits take measures—sometimes drastic ones—to take charge of their own fates.

Visit my publisher Arsenal Pulp Press to pick up a copy or see what critics had to say about the book. I was interviewed by a number of people about the process of writing Nothing Looks Familiar, including this conversation with writer Trevor Corkum in the online lit-site Little Fiction (Note: in the body of the interview, you will also find links to online editions of two of the stories from the book).

Since the release of Nothing Looks Familiar, I’ve been working on other projects including Money Changes Everything, a novel manuscript about compulsive gambling and the erotic fetish of financial domination. An excerpt from Money Changes Everything was published in the respected literary magazine Taddle Creek.